:: The history of IWM
The International Waterspots Management (IWM) has been established in the eighties by Dieter Heinz and his wife. After some seasons in Croatia, Austria and Kenia he finally came to Turkey, where his diving center in Club Alda was opened in 1988. Club Alda was the milestone for the beginning of tourism in the region. The company grew and managed the diving centers in Belkoey, IFA Beach Tekirova, Palmariva Tekirover, Magic Life World and Kiris, Magic Life Bodrum, and Club Aquamarine

Today IWM is stationed in the Alatimya Village in Kemer. All these years led to interesting achievements as follows:

The Underwater Themepark, an education and fun park which was even partially exported to other hotels.

The Underwater Sculpture Exhibition, featuring 13 marble sculptures made by artists of Erzurum Atatuerk University and Antalya Akdeniz University being still displayed in the bay of Kiris

The Habitat 'Medusa 1', a divers bell for recreational divers which has been unfortunately destroyed during an unexpected storm in the late summer 2006.

The 'Aquanautica', an educational children diving book, that was recommended by the fderation of international diving center (VIT) in Germany as an official education material for children diving.

The IWM Manual, based on ISO standards. To keep ongoing quality all procedures of the diving centers has been collected in this unique manual.

Since 2007 Dieter Heinz is in charge of a new sector at the diving equipment manufacturer MARES in Italy (www.mares.com) while the diving centers in Kemer are managed by the Head Of Base Ali Riza Koese and Dieter Heinz'

Many of the current and former crew members today are successful diving instructors. Kerim Sayin runns a nice DC in Sailors Beach Hotel in Kiris, Andi Wyss, former instructor in Club Alda is now coordinator of many Magic Life diving centers and Martin Henke and Nursel Arslan opened the Underwater Promotion Office designing interactive underwater guides.