:: Philosophy

Safety and trust are our biggest aim.

The ones who never dived before have the opportunity of a so called Discover Dive. This dive on the beach or from the boat leads to a depth of 5-6m and provides the full experience of underwater Zero-G.

The next step is the first diving course which consists of only 11 hours divided on several days. All courses are strictly following the CMAS standards. These standards combine many decades of experience with latest achievements in medicine and safety in order to keep the divers from harm. We also offer advanced and additional courses.

Already trained divers should know that all dives in the IWM bases are non-decompression dives, which means that we return to the surface long before decompression would be necessary. For this reason we use latest diving computer technology for all our dives.

The first dives take place in shallow water in order to be able to return to the surface in seconds where the diver is carried by his inflatable vest. Because of the small number of divers per group the dive guide is able to pay maximum attention to all of them.

Only by strictly obeying these standards even the beginners can experience the underwater world without fear.