:: 1. Also for beginners
Underwater-Spielplatz (3-7 m)     :: Underwater-Spielplatz (3-7 m)

Underwater Playground (3-7m): Our exercises spot with balancing rings, nailbar and many exotic wooden fish. Perfectly well for check dives, training and having fun.

Kiris Koy (3-12 m)     :: Kiris Koy (3-12 m)

Die Bucht von Kiris bietet durch die sichere Lage ideale Bedingungen für Schnorchler, Schüler, Discover- und Check-Tauchgänge.

Ince Burun: (7-20 m)     :: Ince Burun: (7-20 m)

For hobby archeologists: direction to the 3 islands, only 15 min. by boat, broken amphorae all over.

Wreck PATI (5-14m)     :: Wreck PATI (5-14m)

Only 5 minutes away from the diving center the wreck PATI is located. It was torn into pieces on 1st of January 2001.

:: 2. At least Basic certificate
Kiris Cave (6-22m)     :: Kiris Cave (6-22m)

Located directly in front of the big pirates cave in Kiris. Strange rock formations and great underwater landscapes.

Tunnels (5-18m)     :: Tunnels (5-18m)

Many passages under rocks, holes and caves. A very nice place right next to Kiris.

:: 3. At least Bronze / AOW
Wreck 'PARIS' (22-31m)     :: Wreck 'PARIS' (22-31m)

Every owner of a diving certificate should have seen it. Twice a week we dive at the steam ship 'PARIS' which sunk in WW1. Accordng to the 'UNTERWASSER' magazine it is one of the 100 best divespots worldwide.

3 Islands - Cave (8-30m)     :: 3 Islands - Cave (8-30m)

The entrance is 8m under the water surface and leads to a great cavern giving enough space for 3 divers.

3 Islands - Suisse Wall (6-30m )     :: 3 Islands - Suisse Wall (6-30m )

Our drop-off at the 3 islands found by a suisse climber :)

3 Islands - Adventure Reef     :: 3 Islands - Adventure Reef

Two reef blocks with amphorae and first class light conditions on a terrace between 8m and 17m.

:: 3. At least Bronze / AW
Pirasali (-30m)     :: Pirasali (-30m)

Just since 2002 we are allowed to dive at Pirasali island. All experienced divers have to see the giantic cave with thousands of Shrimps. (Min. number of participants needed)

:: 3. At least Bronze /AOW
3 Islands - Canyon (8-30m)     :: 3 Islands - Canyon (8-30m)

A breathtaking submarine landscape in the underwater environmental park '3 Islands'.